Digital & Branding Strategy

A powerful brand never needs to compete with pricing. That's why we are here for you. How your customers feel about your business = your branding position in the market. In branding, we see your company as a person, not a business.

We combine your purpose, goals and core values of your company, and build you a successful brand. Our strategies help you build public trust, gain credibility and increase your market share. Let's make your mark and find your voice. Book a time and share your goals with us today. Our team is all marketers with no salespeople.

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Website Design

Around 87% of the time, customers' first impressions are made from a company's website. A well-designed website can show a business actually cares about its customers. Your website plays a big part in customers' experience, which reflects your company's service psychologically.

We build websites that can actually convert visitors to buyers. After working with us, your website will keep customers' attention, leave a positive impression with a strong call-to-action. Your customers can also easily find what they need anywhere and anytime. Design with us today.

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Creative & Graphic Design

Have an idea? We will put it in a creative design and present it to the world. Either you need help with designing flyers, banners, posters, menus, etc. We have a creative graphic team can put your ideas into graphic.

Our design doesn't just catch people's attention, we use our visuals to tell a story. From fonts to colors, our team makes sure every choice matches your brand personality with a clear messaging and call-to-action.

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Social Media Marketing

Staying top of mind, raising brand awareness, interact with your customers. There are so many benefits social media can bring to your company. However, it’s challenging for companies to manage their social media. Because it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment with limited resources.

Working with MaKing Media is the solution for you. We manage all your social media and online presence. From planning to engagement, we do all the work for you. And the return to your business is long-term growth. Our goal is to build a community within your brand, get massive exposure and attention for your company.

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Chinese Marketing

If you think your company has reached the ceiling, then it's time to discover a new target audience. You may have a sense of the market potential, but have no idea where to start. This is why we are here for you.

We speak your language, and we speak their language. We have a dedicated Chinese Marketing team that only helps companies target Chinese audiences. Not only do we understand their culture, but we are also experts on the Chinese social media platform. Either you want to target Chinese audience within North America or you would like to target Chinese in China, we can do that for you. Talk to us today and we will open your eyes to new opportunities.

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